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Skyward Family Access is your link to full communication with your student’s activity at school. View meal purchases, account balance, complete a meal application, and make online payments.

Why Use Skyward / FAQ


2017-18 Meal Pricing


· Primary $ 1.70

· Middle $ 1.85

· High $ 2.10

· All Reduced $ 0.00 (Free)


· Primary $ 2.60

· Middle $ 2.85

· High $ 3.25

· Reduced:

o K – 3rd: $ 0.00 (Free)

o 4th – 12th : $ 0.40

Adult Meals:

· Breakfast $ 2.40

· Lunch $ 3.75

Payment Options: Cash or Check in person, Credit Card online

Online thru: Skyward Family Access or direct thru: EFunds

Skyward Website:

EFunds Website:

Please note: In order to remain PCI compliant, e~Funds for Schools will be required to prohibit website access from internet browsers that use TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. What does this mean for you? Beginning October 3, 2017, e~Funds for Schools websites will only be accessible from the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Google Chrome version 44 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox version 44 or higher
  • Opera version 30 or higher
  • Apple Safari version 9 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge – any version

If you are not using one of the above website browser versions, you will not be able to access e~Funds for Schools payment system.

Online Payment Walk-Thru with Detailed Instructions

In Person: Drop payments at school or sent with your student to school

By Mail: Nutrition Services. PO Box 200. Battle Ground, WA 98604

By Mail, Please use PrePayment Form

Meal Charge Guidelines ** Updated 2017-18 * Please Read **

  1. Students K-8:
    1. Students K-8 will be allowed to charge up to a maximum dollar equivalent of five (5) meals will be known as the “account cap”.
      1. These meals will include any reimbursable meal on the menu; excludes a la carte items.
      2. The District’s Nutrition Services will send an automated low-balance call two (2) times weekly and two (2) automated low-balance emails for students with balances of $1.00 or less.
      3. Nutrition Services will make a personalized telephone call to the parent/guardian when a student’s account reaches the account cap.
      4. The building principal will be notified by Nutrition Services when a student’s account reaches twice the account cap. This notification is to make the principal aware of the student’s circumstances in case additional resources/assistance might be needed by the student’s family.
      5. K-8 students will not be denied a reimbursable meal for unpaid charges. If a student’s balance reaches $100, Nutrition Services will notify Business Services to begin collection procedures. Business Services will send the parent/guardian notification of the delinquent balance, a breakdown of outstanding charges and payment due date. If payment is not received, the account will be sent to collections.
  2. Students 9 -12:
    1. Students in grades 9-12 will not be permitted to charge a school meal or a la carte food items. In rare cases, a principal may approve a charge by a specific student due to special circumstances but any unpaid balances must be paid by the principal’s available donation resources.
  3.  All Students:
    1. Students from families whose incomes fall below a specified level may be eligible for a free or reduced-rate breakfast and lunch. Visit and go to Parent Resources, Nutrition Services to complete an on-line application or paper application. Applications are accepted all year. If circumstances occur after the start of the school year that impact family resources, parents/guardians are encouraged to complete an initial application or a new application if income is reduced.
    2. Negative balance status can be avoided by making on-line payments through e-Funds for Schools. The link can be found under the Nutrition Services, FAQ tab at Payments in the form of cash or check can be made directly to the cafeteria cashier.
    3. Guaranteed Lunch – this option is available on e-Funds for schools under the enrollment tab. The parent/guardian can activate an automatic payment from their credit card to the student’s meal account when the balance gets below a certain point, set by the parent/guardian, eliminating the risk of the meal account going into the negative.
    4. Nutrition Service balances can be monitored through the student’s Skyward Family Access account. A parent/guardian can sign up for low-balance email notifications on Family Access. A parent/guardian can request a block on their student’s account to prohibit the purchase of a la carte items.
  4. Year-end Balances and Refunds:
    1. Unpaid meal charges at year-end will carry-over to the next school year, until paid in full.
    2. Refunds – Inactive Students (includes graduating and withdrawn students): All families of students who are inactive from the district will be notified by Business Services (Free/Reduced Clerk) of the remaining funds to determine if the parent/guardian would like the funds applied to any fines/fees outstanding for siblings, moved to meal donation fund or refunded to parent/guardian
  5. Meal Charge Guidelines Communication:
    1. The Meal Charge Guidelines will be communicated to all families using the following methods:
      1. A copy of the guidelines will be included in the annual mailing to all families with the free/reduced meal application.
      2. The guidelines will be included in all student handbooks.
      3. The guidelines will be on the Battle Ground School District website at
    2. Throughout the year, the Meal Charge Guidelines will be communicated and/or referenced in telephone communications and emails to parents/guardians when communicating low balances or negative balances on meal accounts.

Meal Account Restrictions:

  • If you would like to restrict your students meal account purchase options, please contact our Skyward Meal Account Specialist with details.
    • Please note: If your student has allergy restrictions, please go thru your school nurse to ensure all personnel are adequately notified.
    • Examples of restrictions: No Charging, No Breakfast, Cash Only Ala Carte
    • Please contact Debbie Beachner at or (360) 885-6653

Refund Request Form

If your student is changing schools but staying within Battle Ground School District, their meal account will follow them. If you are leaving the school district, we cannot transfer funds to another school district.

Money left in meal accounts that are not used have three options:

  • Transfer funds: To another sibling that is currently active in our district
  • Refund Check: Please complete a Refund Request Form or Contact Us.
  • Donation: Request to donate to a specific student or give me guidelines to follow. Request thru the Refund Request Form or Contact Us.

Please contact our Skyward Meal Account Specialist, Debbie, for assistance:

Debbie Beachner, (360) 885-6653 or

Sodexo Partnership

The Battle Ground Nutrition Services Department welcomes all students and parents to participate in the District’s school meal program. Healthy breakfasts and lunches are served every school day. Students are presented with a wide variety of entrees, fruits, vegetables, and beverages to choose from. We are confident that there is something offered every day that your child will like and you can rest assured that all meals are prepared safely, are nutritious, and use the freshest products possible.

The Nutrition Services team (managed by Sodexo) is dedicated to nurturing the minds and bodies of all students and keeping parents connected through communications such as this site. We encourage you to look around and join in the fun.


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